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Desktop sharing and importing PowerPoint presentations require the ShoreTel Presenter software. You have two options:
  • ShoreTel Presenter (Windows) -- Recommended for Windows users. Installation required.
  • ShoreTel Presenter (Java) -- For all users. No installation required.

ShoreTel Presenter (Windows)
  • Enables desktop sharing.
  • Allows importing of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Version: 19.50.1000.0   Size: 6.03 MB
ShoreTel Desktop Accelerator (Windows)
  • Improves desktop sharing performance.
  • It is recommended to download and install, but optional.
  • A reboot will be required to complete installation.

ShoreTel Presenter (Java)
  • Java or above is required.
  • When starting a desktop sharing session, you will be prompted to download a Java application.
  • Importing PowerPoint presentations is not supported. You may use PowerPoint to export the presentation as a series of JPEG images, or use a third party program to export the presentation as a Flash movie.
Version 19.50.1000.0